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Live To Win!

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1/2/2014 Seattle Washington Workout

January 2, 2014 , , , ,


Incline Workout on the NordicTrack X9i…..Downtown Seattle, Washington

0% Incline – 5min

5% incline – 5 min

10% incline- 5 min

15% incline – 5 min

20% incline – 5 min

15% incline – 5 min

10% incline – 5 min

5% incline – 5 min

-4% decline – 5 min

0% incline – 5 min



I pretty much am walking my workouts.  5 knee surgeries, two foot/ankle surgeries and a double fusion in my lower back keep me from running at this time.  My times are slow, but trust me when you hit some of these high incline percentages you have no choice but to slow down your speed (unless your a super athlete who runs hills for training :).  I wasn’t going to post my times and distances since I will admit, I’m a bit embarrassed by them.  But I have to start somewhere and all I want is to see these numbers improve.  I am only in competition with myself after all 🙂

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