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Live To Win!

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Zoo Zurich, Switzerland Incline Workout

January 10, 2014 , , , , , , , ,

Zoo Zurich, Switzerland


 (Click on pictures to be directed to the zoo’s personal website)

The Zürich Zoo, situated on a hillside away from downtown, is excellent. It’s compact, tree-filled and has about 2,000 animals from 250 different species. There are tropical rainforests and an enormous biosphere. The fascinating Madagascar pavilion and the elephant house are worth a look. That statement was provided by TripAdvisor .  If you go to their website there are 179 photographs of the zoo that visitors have displayed.


Now about my workout!  As you all know by now I use the NordicTrack X9i incline trainer.  I pulled up the map of this zoo which gave me a 2 mile loop around the area.  I saw a lot of pretty vegetation but no animals 😦  Google maps mostly kept their camera on the visitor trails that go through the park.  They didn’t go off trail to some of the exhibits, which would have been really cool if they did!! But back on subject, the image below shows my map and stats for this workout.  I didn’t follow the planned workout the treadmill had for me, I spiced mine up with incline increases up to 25% incline.  Yes, the time is slow for 2 miles, but when you add the elevation to the program, well sometimes you just have to slow down.  At least I do 🙂  Listed below are my elevation times……..


-2% Decline – 3 minutes

0% Flat surface – 5 minutes

10% Incline – 5 minutes

15% Incline – 5 minutes

20% Incline – 5 minutes

10% Incline – 5 minutes

25% Incline – 5 minutes

15% Incline – 5 minutes

10% Incline – 3 minutes

Well that’s today’s program.  Will have to come up with something good tomorrow.  Most my workouts I get from iFit, so I will see what they have happening.

Hope your day has been as blessed as mine 🙂    Cya

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