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Live To Win!

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iFit workout Times Square Manhattan, NY

April 11, 2014 , , , ,

iFit  workout: Times Square Manhattan, NY



It’s been awhile since I have recorded any of my workouts.  To be honest, I slipped off the workout wagon and enthralled myself back into the world of gaming.  Not good.  I went on Facebook yesterday and pretty much declared to all my friends and family that today was going to be the day I change all that.  I joined Weight Watchers to help with food tracking.  I am back on my incline trainer, which felt really good today.  I also bought an app from apple called Tony Gonzalez FitStar.  Tony Gonzalez is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.  He’s only missed two games in his 17 year career.  On my down days from my incline trainer, I will be using his program.

Today’s workout was through Times Square.  Below is a picture I took from my NordiTrack X9i screen.  You can see how nice it is to workout having a street view of the area your are in.  The picture changes, it does not stay on just one shot.  It moves throughout your workout.  Like watching a slow video.  Pretty cool!


Anyway today’s workout was 2.55 miles (no running, just walking)

5 minutes -1.0 – 0 incline

5 minutes 5% incline

5 minutes 10% incline

5 minutes 5% incline

5 minutes 10% incline

5 minutes 12% incline

5 minutes 15% incline

5 minutes 10% incline

5 minutes 5% incline

5 minutes 10% incline

5 minutes 15% incline    End of program

5 min cooldown at 0% incline

Times Square

Slow time, but it’s all about small steps in the right direction!

Gives me a starting point and goals to shoot for 🙂

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