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Live To Win!

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Workouts 5/25 – 5/31/2014

June 2, 2014 1 Comment



Well this week didn’t start off well.  Sunday was my rest day and as I stated in my last post I lost 2.5 lbs.  Monday (Memorial day) was suppose to be my leg day and I procrastinated all day til the day was over and the workout was not completed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ  Therefore, I told myself that tomorrow (Tuesday) was going to be a bitch because I was going to have to add the missed workout on top on the days workout planned!  So Tuesday is going to look like a long workout because, well, it was!  On my weigh in on Sunday, 6/1, I lost 1 lb.  God, the pounds coming off are moving so slowly!!!!!!!!!!  I need to remind myself not to put a lot of value on the scale and to go by how I feel and I can definitely say I feel stronger.  I feel it but I can’t say I see the results yet.  I guess the weight loss would be one of the results that is paying off, but my diet is also a big part of that.  I am eating really clean.  Drinking lots of water!!  Fruits and veggies have become my friend.  I can say I have cut out sugar and pretty much decreased my sodium intake substantially.  You can do all the training you want but if you don’t eat right, you will never see the benefits of your hard work in the gym.  Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand.  Got to do them both!!!  So here is my workout for the week.  Pretty much the same as last week with some few changes.

Oh, by the way, after completing this weeks workout I will have completed Phase 1.  Next week I enter Phase 2 which bumps me up to training 6 days a week!!

Sunday: Day Off

Monday: Procrastination Day!!!!!! Zippo done

Tuesday: Legs (missed workout from yesterday!) Back/Biceps    ( 3 x 10 – 15 reps, 45 sec rest between sets)

Legs: 6:40 pm

Leg Extension

Plle Dumbbell Squat

Dumbbell One-Legged Deadlift

Lying Leg Curls

Seated Calf Raises

Standing Calf Raises

Legs Completed: 7:17 pm

Back/Biceps : 7:23 pm

Wide Grip Seated Rows

Wide- Grip Lat Pulldown

Seated Cable Rows

Smith Machine Bent Over Row

Alternating Dumbbell Curls

Incline Dumbbell Curl

Alternate Hammer Curl

Back/Bicecps completed: 8:10 pm

Wednesday: Chest/Triceps  (3 x 10-15 reps, 45 sec rest between sets)

Pushups (modified)

Incline Dumbbell Press

Dumbbell Flyes

Decline Dumbbell Flyes

Decline Close-Grip Bench to Skull Crusher

Lying Tricep Press

Tricep Dumbbell Kickback

Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Cable One Arm Tricep Extension

Cardio: 40 min on incline trainer

Thursday: Legs  (3 x 10-15 reps, 45 sec rest between sets) ( Almost didn’t get done was tired and irritated)

Leg Extensions

Plle Dumbbell Squats

Dumbbell One-Legged Deadlift

Lying Leg Curls

Seated Calf Raises

Standing Calf Raises

Friday: Shoulder/ABS (3 x 10-15 reps, 45 sec rest between sets)

Seated Dumbbell Press

Back Flyes with Band

Front Dumbbell Raises

Arnold Dumbbell Press

Side Lateral Raise

Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raises


Lying Leg Raises with Stability Ball

Oblique Crunches (Floor)

Saturday: Day Off

The first four weeks are done!!  I made it through Phase 1.  In the original workouts there are lunges and hyperextensions for the back.  Since I have bad knees (5 surgeries) and a bad back (Double low back fusion) I have to side step these exercises and look for alternate movements.  Go to and look up Jamie Easons LIVEFIT workout for the EXACT workout plan.

iFit workout Times Square Manhattan, NY

April 11, 2014

iFit  workout: Times Square Manhattan, NY



It’s been awhile since I have recorded any of my workouts.  To be honest, I slipped off the workout wagon and enthralled myself back into the world of gaming.  Not good.  I went on Facebook yesterday and pretty much declared to all my friends and family that today was going to be the day I change all that.  I joined Weight Watchers to help with food tracking.  I am back on my incline trainer, which felt really good today.  I also bought an app from apple called Tony Gonzalez FitStar.  Tony Gonzalez is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.  He’s only missed two games in his 17 year career.  On my down days from my incline trainer, I will be using his program.

Today’s workout was through Times Square.  Below is a picture I took from my NordiTrack X9i screen.  You can see how nice it is to workout having a street view of the area your are in.  The picture changes, it does not stay on just one shot.  It moves throughout your workout.  Like watching a slow video.  Pretty cool!


Anyway today’s workout was 2.55 miles (no running, just walking)

5 minutes -1.0 – 0 incline

5 minutes 5% incline

5 minutes 10% incline

5 minutes 5% incline

5 minutes 10% incline

5 minutes 12% incline

5 minutes 15% incline

5 minutes 10% incline

5 minutes 5% incline

5 minutes 10% incline

5 minutes 15% incline    End of program

5 min cooldown at 0% incline

Times Square

Slow time, but it’s all about small steps in the right direction!

Gives me a starting point and goals to shoot for ๐Ÿ™‚

Zoo Zurich, Switzerland Incline Workout

January 10, 2014

Zoo Zurich, Switzerland


 (Click on pictures to be directed to the zoo’s personal website)

The Zรผrich Zoo, situated on a hillside away from downtown, is excellent. Itโ€™s compact, tree-filled and has about 2,000 animals from 250 different species. There are tropical rainforests and an enormous biosphere. The fascinating Madagascar pavilion and the elephant house are worth a look. That statement was provided by TripAdvisor .  If you go to their website there are 179 photographs of the zoo that visitors have displayed.


Now about my workout!  As you all know by now I use the NordicTrack X9i incline trainer.  I pulled up the map of this zoo which gave me a 2 mile loop around the area.  I saw a lot of pretty vegetation but no animals ๐Ÿ˜ฆ  Google maps mostly kept their camera on the visitor trails that go through the park.  They didn’t go off trail to some of the exhibits, which would have been really cool if they did!! But back on subject, the image below shows my map and stats for this workout.  I didn’t follow the planned workout the treadmill had for me, I spiced mine up with incline increases up to 25% incline.  Yes, the time is slow for 2 miles, but when you add the elevation to the program, well sometimes you just have to slow down.  At least I do ๐Ÿ™‚  Listed below are my elevation times……..


-2% Decline – 3 minutes

0% Flat surface – 5 minutes

10% Incline – 5 minutes

15% Incline – 5 minutes

20% Incline – 5 minutes

10% Incline – 5 minutes

25% Incline – 5 minutes

15% Incline – 5 minutes

10% Incline – 3 minutes

Well that’s today’s program.  Will have to come up with something good tomorrow.  Most my workouts I get from iFit, so I will see what they have happening.

Hope your day has been as blessed as mine ๐Ÿ™‚    Cya