Live To Win!

Live To Win!

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iFit Workout, Becan, Mexico

August 27, 2015


Becan, Mexico

Day 2 of my journey ūüôā Today I added just a tiny bit of mileage past 1 mile. ¬†I ended up completing 1.26 miles today, following my walk-run-walk program. ¬†Today was a hectic day and usually I put my workouts towards the back of the day (hence why I ended up not doing them!). ¬†But today I did it as soon as possible so that nothing could get in the way. ¬†Below is my graph for my workout.


The scenery was very shady with visions of some of the Mayan structures in view. ¬†Most of the map was through a park like setting. ¬†It’s really nice to do these workouts when you have a tablet as part of the equipment and you can watch photo slides of the different areas. ¬†My times are slow and once I get up to speed I will post them. ¬†I have to remind myself it’s all about the baby steps in the right direction!

iFit Workout and Run Disney Information

August 26, 2015


Tulum, Maya Site

Well I am back at it! ¬†I am going to post my workouts as I prepare for a 10k run at Walt Disney World in April, 2016. ¬†I am starting at ground zero. ¬†Literally! ¬†I haven’t done any jogging since my back surgery 5 years ago. ¬†Most of my training will be using NordicTrack’s X9i incline trainer. ¬†I am following the Jeff Galloway¬†training program, which consists of a run-walk-run program. ¬†He writes many of the training programs to help Walt Disney participants complete their 10ks, half-marathons or full marathons. ¬†Here is an example of his training workouts for some of the upcoming races at Walt Disney World and Walt Disneyland (training).

So today I just did a very easy 1 mile workout.  The workout I chose took me around the the Pre-Columbian Maya walled city.  You can click on the link under the photo above for more information.  The route was very scenic and relaxing.  It consisted of views of some of the Mayan ruins and the white sandy beaches and beautiful ocean.  My legs were wondering what the heck was going on as I picked up a short jog here and there to get back into the swing of things.  Below is a chart of my workout showing the incline and elevation.


All in all, I’m glad I now have a challenge to works toward. ¬†Here is the race information for the Walt Disney World Star Wars Events. ¬†Check out the site¬†¬†and¬†you can find other races, not only on the east coast, but on the west coast as well. ¬†If anyone here is preparing for one of these events, your feedback is greatly appreciated.


May 29, 2013



What is overtraining? ¬†Wikipedia defines it well: ¬†Overtraining¬†is a physical, behavioral, and emotional condition that occurs when the volume and intensity of an individual’s exercise¬†exceeds their recovery capacity. They cease making progress, and can even begin to lose strength¬†and fitness. ¬†Overtraining is a common problem in weight training, but it can also be experienced by runners¬†and other athletes.

Well I experienced this last week. On a day I was supposed to run, I could feel my body temperature elevated and I didn’t have the enthusiasm that usually occurs on my cardio day. ¬†I just didn’t feel right. ¬†The problem with the signs of overtraining is many of us ignore them and proceed to complete the workout only to find ourselves injured or disappointed in our performance. ¬†I know with myself I always feel guilty for not completing the workout and when I do I am left feeling disappointed because it wasn’t my best.

Some of the signs of overtraining are as follows: Mood swings, repeated muscle soreness, illness, increase in morning heart rate, joint pains, lack of sleep, decreased performance, lack of ability to concentrate, increased injuries, and fatigue.  These are just a few of the symptoms.  If you go on the Internet and research overtraining, you will find many other suggestions and descriptions. I have been researching the effects myself because I feel like my training is not at its best.  Therefore, I have been taking more days off in between workouts to allow myself to recover.  I am still dealing with an injury around my upper left hamstring area and have been pushing through my workouts anyway which is not good.

I am one of these people that think a little of anything is better than nothing at all.  But when you are injured, that is just not the case.  And I struggle with the down time.  I feel because I have been pushing myself hard, injured and all, my body has gone into the overtraining mode.  When I look at some of the symptoms above, I can pick out several that I am dealing with.

So how do you combat the overtraining syndrome? ¬†Take a day or two off and try to relax. ¬†Decrease your intensity level, increase your sleep cycle, treat yourself to a massage, stretch, eat clean (diet is everything!!), and don’t get disappointed because you need to take an extra day off! ¬†You will find by resting your body appropriately, you will see gains in endurance and muscle strength ūüôā

WORKOUTS:  I always close by adding some of my workouts down below.  All workouts are performed using the NordicTrack X9i Treadmill.  Awesome machine!!

5/25/2013        South Kaibab Trail РGrand Canyon   3.41 miles



5/28/2013  Tower Bridge, London England   3.09 miles

tower-bridge-picture (1)


In between these workouts I was weight training in my home gym. ¬†I actually found on a weight training program I am going to try. ¬†It’s by Obi Obadike. ¬†Obi is considered the world’s most ripped fitness model¬†Obi Obadike Overtraining and ¬†Strength workout. ¬†The workout is basically as follows:

Obi’s Training Split

  • Monday- Chest/Biceps- 30 minutes of high intensity cardio
  • Tuesday- Legs/Triceps/Abs- 30 minutes of high intensity cardio
  • Wednesday- Shoulders/Back- 30 minutes of high intensity cardio
  • Thursday- Light Chest/Biceps/Abs
  • Friday- Off
  • Saturday- Off
  • Sunday- Off

I’m going to see how this works for me starting next week. ¬†I will be sure to blog my opinion on the plan. The one thing I will be adding is on Saturday’s, I will make it my long ¬†jogging day.

And my quote for the day is by Michael Jordan….

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career.

26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed.

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life.

And that is why I succeed.”

Michael Jordan