Live To Win!

Live To Win!

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December 30, 2013


Monday 12/30/2013 – Incline Trainer

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

0% incline – 5 min

5% incline – 5 min

10% incline – 5 min

15% incline – 5 min

5% incline – 5 min

10% incline – 5 min

15% incline – 5 min

5% – 0%- 7 min (Cool Down)

jacksonhole      jacksonhole1


Comments:  Great workout!  I could feel my legs burning especially at 15% incline.  The walk was mostly through the downtown area of Jackson Hole, but I added a picture of the scenery since it’s so beautiful!!

The Poppy Girls

The Poppy Girls are a new all-girl group formed from children from Armed Forces families.

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Poppy Girls – Great voices, Great Ending

December 25, 2013

Back on Track………….

December 16, 2013 1 Comment


Well as I mentioned in my last post, it’s time to get back on track!!  I started back on my incline trainer and took it very slowly since it has been awhile.  I did a central park workout, which was 1.74 miles.

centralpark1         central-park-birds-eye-view

It felt great to get moving again.  Legs are sore but that is to be expected.  The highest incline I hit was 3.5%.  Not much considering the machine inclines to 40%!!  But I will make my way there….one step at a time.